deATRAMENTIS Magenta Red Pearlescent Review


Hello! I'm catching up posting for the past two weeks since apparently I couldn't figure out all,this uploading and stuff 😆

So here we are with the absolutely gorgeous deATRAMENTIS pearlescent ink in Magenta Red. deATRAMENTIS has decided to add 4 different shimmers to a select number of their inks and these 4 are for Magenta Red.  The 4 shimmers for each select color will always be, Silver, Gold, Copper, and Bronze.  

It is really hard to capture the shimmers with a photo so please take a good look at the 2nd pic to see the shimmers up close.  They really are beautiful with the Copper being my favorite.  I used my Lamy here with a 1.5 nib to do the writing, however, with a brush the shimmers are much easier to see, so I encourage you guys to break out your brushes and get creative with these shimmer inks, no matter which base color you choose! 

They are super fun to use!


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