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Aurora Optima Auroloide Perla, Chrome Trim

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  • $ 53500
  • Save $ 210

Aurora Optima fountain pen in Perla/silver-grey Auroloide with chrome trim. 14k nib, piston filler. Made in Italy.

  • 5" long capped
  • 4 7/8" uncapped
  • 6" posted
We are excited to introduce the Goccia (teardrop) nib from Aurora. This nib was originally created by the Aurora nib expert Filippo Loghero, along with the Aurora distributor in China. Chinese lettering is best created with nibs that produce fine and broad lines, in both east/west and north/south strokes. The Goccia nib’s unique shape allows for these movements, which is useful for Asian lettering, but also for those who prefer a bold and smooth writing experience. Note that every Goccia nib will include a certificate of authorization from the Filippo and Cesare Verona, the owner of Aurora. 

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