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Conway Stewart Series 100 Honey Noire

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Conway Stewart

  • $ 40000

The Conway Stewart Series 100 Honey Noire is a gorgeous combination of amber, yellow, brown and black acrylic offset with sterling silver fittings. It is a wonderful combination that makes an outstanding addition to any collection.

The Series 100 was first launched in 1954 and quickly became one of the most popular pens ever made by Conway Stewart. It is a mid-sized pen that is appreciated today for the same classic lines, fine balance and easy writing as it was over 60 years ago. The beautiful finish and flawless perfection of these handmade pens are part of Conway Stewart’s proud heritage. Each pen is decorated with a single broad gold plated cap band – with 2 additional gold plated  rings on the barrel. 

Each pen is housed in a Conway Stewart black leather presentation box which also serves as a showcase pen stand for your desk.

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