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Conway Stewart Raleigh Celebration

Conway Stewart Raleigh Celebration

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Conway Stewart

  • $ 51000

The Conway Stewart Raleigh Celebration is an exceptional pen. Its perfect balance in the hand, combined with classic design and innovative touches, make it a highly desirable addition to any Conway Stewart lover’s collection.

The Conway Stewart Raleigh Celebration is a unique design, departing from the traditional in several ways, while still retaining the classic styling that recalls Conway Stewart’s rich heritage. The perfectly proportioned barrel is accented with two solid gold rings and topped with a cap that features a slight inward curve towards the top. Unusually, there is a quartet of solid gold rings around the cap while both the cap top and barrel end feature a classic stepped design, which give the Raleigh an elegant touch of distinction.

  • Length
    • Closed: 139mm / 5.5"
    • Posted: 178.5mm / 7.25"
    • Barrel inc nib: 131mm / 5.25"
    • Cap: 61mm / 2.5"
  • Diameter:
    • Barrel: 13.7mm / .54"
    • Cap: 15.5mm / .61"
  • Weight – 47.4 gms / 1.7 oz

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