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Custom Engraving

Personalize It! 

Why not add a personal touch? We offer in store engraving on many of our products; the font choices are listed beside the product descriptions on the website. We offer more choices in the store- just come by and take a look!

Common questions

What materials can be engraved?
Options for engraving include: Wood, glass, leather, (some vegan leather- but not all), acrylic, stainless steel, gold, sterling silver,  aluminum (excluding some coatings)
What type of items do you engrave?
Pens,  journals, padfolios, briefcases, picture frames, all types of fine jewelry, vases, Yeti cups, wood cutting boards, knives, leather sheaths, guns, bridal serving pieces, and baby cups and spoons. We have even engraved full sized swords!
Are There Size Limitations?
Yes, we have differing size limits on each type of machine. Our diamond engraving equipment works well on small items such as jewelry but is limited to 22 inches across (items such as serving trays). Our laser machinery is not able to handle items such as jewelry but will accept large scale items. It is however, sensitive on materials it is able to burn.
How long should I expect to wait for the engraving to be complete?
Typically we are able to keep turnaround time under 48 hours. Occasionally bulk orders from business accounts will slow the process down. Holidays are especially busy leading to increased wait times.
Can you create a design for me or my business?
We are able to handle custom work; however we do have an upcharge for design work. Our charges will be based on time required to complete the requested design. 
If you have any questions, please email vannessengraving@gmail.com or visit our facebook page.