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Midori 2019 Pocket Diary Mini- Cats


  • $ 900

A mini size calendar that is small and portable. It has a convenient index to flip to the exact date you need.. 

This diary is based on the concept of being able to become friends with cats. It is a pleasant diary with illustrations of cats with a soft atmosphere and a column of cats by illustrator Sayyo Koizumi who is a genuine cat lover! 

The theme of the 2019 edition is "cat quiz"! The monthly schedule page has one quiz per cat every month. In the Sunday column is a small illustration that feels the season.

Contents Total 48 pages / annual calendar, annual schedule 
monthly schedule (October 2018 - January 2020 * 16 months) 
memo, address, subway route map
specification Thread stitch binding, index processing available
Material Cover / PVC made (with penholder)
Paper / MD Paper
size Body / H 124 × W 84 × D 5 mm
weight Approximately 42 g


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