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Monteverde Emotions Kindness Pink


  • $ 800

Pink ink from Monteverde with ITF, which drastically improves ink-flow quality, extends cap-off time, and lubricates and protects the ink feeding systems from corrosion and clogging.

The Emotions Collection allows you to express how you are feeling in a manner very few non-verbal communications can do. Whether your day’s correspondence calls for passion or confidence, wisdom or motivation; you can find the perfect color for the occasion.

A combination of emotive red and honest white, pink is insightful, calming and represents kindness. It is a positive color, inspiring warm and comforting feelings, helping to alleviate thoughts of anger, aggression or resentment. Tender, empathetic and undeniably positive, pink effortlessly soothes the soul and opens the mind to optimism and compassion.

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