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The Four Seasons ink collection features eight colors inspired by the beautiful four seasons of Japan.

This smooth-flowing ink is specifically formulated to be safe for all fountain pens. Each bottle contains 50 ml of water-based dye ink. The bottle is cleverly designed with an internal reservoir, which results in an ink level that's high enough for you to refill your fountain pen. You are able to enjoy every last drop of your ink! Simply flip the bottle upside-down and back to fill the reservoir, and you're ready to refill.

Sailor Yama-dori is a deep, blue-leaning teal that can shade from light turquoise to near-black. Besides its beautiful range of hues, Yama-dori is known for the intense red sheen it develops when used with wetter nibs and on smoother papers. This sheen is likely the inspiration for the ink's name, which refers to the Japanese copper pheasant, known for its bright red and brown plumage.