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Visconti Homo Sapiens Dark Age Ballpoint

Visconti Homo Sapiens Dark Age Ballpoint

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The Visconti Homo Sapiens writing instruments material in this pen is as antique and natural as the world: lava from the Etna volcano in south Italy. It has characteristics that render it unique in the manufacturing of writing instruments. Visconti has successfully produced a material containing pure basaltic lava, catalyzed together with resin in a formula whose characteristics practically transforms it into a material perfectly fit to writing instruments.

The Lava material is a natural material; when daily used, the pen keeps its original dark grey color. If the pen is not used for a while or exposed to strong light it can become light grey. This is a certification of a real bio material.

  • Virtually unbreakable, with a high degree of resilience.
  • Flameproof, with a resistance to heat of over 100°C.
  • Slightly hygroscopic, allowing to absorb hand sweat during use
  • Dense at touch, allowing the best finger-relaxing grip or touch.

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