Diamine Night Sky and Sparkling Shadows Review

Everyone likes a little shimmer, right? Hmmmm, well maybe not all fountain pen people love it so I tried it out in my Lamy Safari tonight.  I used a F nib and a 1.5 nib and as you can see the shimmer didn't show up with either nib, but it did wash out very easily with water so no worries there.  The Sparkling Shadows is a much lighter shade and I would call it a grey with a gold shimmer.  The Night Sky is a black ink with a silver shimmer.  

I really liked using these two inks with a brush and can see myself doing lots of ink art using them.  They dry pretty fast depending on what tools you are using.  I tried them with a Nikko G nib and I'm still waiting for them to dry! Kidding! 😆


I did these samples using my Color-O-Ring ink testing book to have for reference and tried out my new macro lens for the two up close shots.  The shimmer even shows up well on this thick cardstock paper.  

Macro shot of Sparkling Shadows

Macro shot of Night Sky


Ink art on Rhodia paper

Look at that sheen! 


Loved using these inks inks for hand lettering!


If if you are wary about using these in your fountain pen, maybe try using it as a dip pen instead or better yet do some ink splat art and see what you can come up with. It's fun to watch the sheen develop and those splats can be turned into just about anything!

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I’m surprised you didn’t see the sparkle. I’ve used Lamy 1.1 and 1.5 italic nibs and saw sparkle using Brandy Dazzle, Magical Forest, Red Lustre, and Blue Lightning. I have decided to put shimmer/sparkle inks in demonstrators from now on. That way I can see how clean they are after lots of flushing.


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