Below is a non-exhaustive list of frequently asked questions we receive.

Q: What is the difference between Japanese and German nib sizes?

A: Japanese nibs tend to run about one step finer than their German counterparts. For example, a Fine nib from Platinum would write closer to an Extra Fine Lamy nib. Note: there are other factors that contribute to how much ink goes on the page, such as the quality of the paper, the softness of the nib, and the flow of the ink.

Q: What is meant by dry or wet ink?

 A: An ink is considered dry or wet based upon how it flows from the nib. A dryer ink, such as Pelikan Edelstein, will flow less than a wet ink- which has less water base, & tends to flow more smoothly and dries more slowly on average, such as Pilot Iroshizuku.


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