Conklin Duragraph Abalone Nights Rollerball
Conklin Duragraph Abalone Nights Rollerball
Conklin Duragraph Abalone Nights Rollerball


Conklin Duragraph Abalone Nights Rollerball

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Conklin Duragraph Abalone Nights Rollerball


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Reach paragon levels in your writing and emit excellence from your mind. Revealing abstract potential and lighting the way will be Abalone Nights.

Conklin Duragraph® adds the Abalone Nights to your must-have collection of unique collectibles; sharing the dynamics of an abalone shell, this zestful pen hones an iridescent finish with an array of metallic hues. Featuring black noir resins on the cap and front section, it is also paired with chrome metal plating on the threads and clip. Fitted between the black resin cap and the chrome thread is our very special abalone glossy shell. Like the shell, the Abalone Nights is extremely durable and its dynamically crafted luminous finish resembles peacock green, cobalt blues, and metallic purples giving it a mystical high status.

The Abalone Shell has been used as rare decorative jewelry for centuries in ancient cultures and ritual ceremonies. It is an important and vital staple in native cultures around the world. Take note of this collectible’s barrel, seeing how it absorbs the tranquility features of the abalone shell; admiring it in the light when hand-turned, it reflects the shimmering essences off of its surface, enhancing the stunning colors like radiating energy. With its perfect development, the cap easily twists off and flawlessly snugs on the back end of the barrel. This rare finish pen is available in fountain pen, rollerball, or ballpoint.

The rollerball pen accepts Schmidt 888 or 5888 refills.

Sail the seas with your new oceanic pen and manifest greatness!

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