Ink with wine? Yes please! According to the deATRAMENTIS website, these inks are pure concentrated ink along with a few other ingredients for binding purposes.   I have sampled four here, but Vanness carries 22 different varieties.  🍷✍🏼 These inks all have the aroma of wine and I can notice the distinct sweetness of the Riesling, while the other three smell like red wine with no distinct difference to my nose.  While out of these four I sampled the Riesling obviously stands out from the others in color, but while the other three are similar in color, they also have very different undertones. This is a quick drying ink with no traces of sheening or shimmer.  I do notice however, some shading.

I loved using these and am excited to see what the other flavors, errrr, I mean shades look like! Just don't try to drink your ink! 😆


Riesling - A yellow tan with golden shading.  

Bordeaux - A light red with an orange undertone.

Chianti - A medium pink red shade with maybe a grayish undertone.

Merlot - A dark pink red which also has a grayish undertone and blood red shading.


Tomoe River paper using a Lamy with a F and 1.5 nib.  The F nib samples look almost as saturated as the 1.5.  I used a #2 round brush for "tomoe river paper".

Rhodia paper with same Lamy and nibs. My eyes do not see any significant differences in these two papers.

I wanted to use my Tombow blending brush which has no ink in it to hand letter each ink color.  I love how the shading looks with a brush pen!