Akkerman 07 Koninginne Nach-Blauw
Akkerman 07 Koninginne Nach-Blauw


Akkerman 07 Koninginne Nach-Blauw

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Size:60ml Bottle
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Akkerman 07 Koninginne Nach-Blauw

60ml Bottle


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Queen's Night Blue fountain pen ink made by P.W. Akkerman pen store in The Hague.

Akkerman #7, Konninginne Nach-Blauw, is a wonderful blue-grey that is subtle but still deep and easy to read when full pages are written. No sheen, but great shading properties.

Originally made to celebrate their 100th anniversary, this ink comes in a vintage-style 60mL glass bottle with a narrow neck and a marble stopper that creates a well at the top to aid in filling pens, allowing you to get every last drop of ink from the bottle. Akkerman inks work well in all types of pens, modern and vintage alike. It boasts an ideal viscosity and flows well in all types of nibs while available in a great range of saturated colors.

Queen's Night is the evening preceding Queen's Day. Queen's Day, now King's Day since King Willem-Alexander's ascension in 2013, is a national holiday celebrating the reigning monarch of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.