Colorverse Project No. 015 a Psc
Colorverse Project No. 015 a Psc
Colorverse Project No. 015 a Psc


Colorverse Project No. 015 a Psc

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Size:4ml Sample
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Colorverse Project No. 015 a Psc

4ml Sample


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Colorverse A Psc from the Project collection is a pale sage green ink with low shading. It dries in 20 seconds in a medium nib on Rhodia and has a dry flow. Colorverse ink is made in Korea.
Muted green fountain pen ink, part of the Colorverse Ink Project Series- "Constellation". Inspired by famous constellations in the night sky, one of the worlds best ink company's brings you new and exciting inks which feature sheening, shading and glistening inks.
Alpha Piscium (⍺ Psc) is a binary star in the constellation of Pisces. It is thought to be around 151 light years from our solar system. Being a binary star, it is actually 2 stars in close proximity that orbit each other; from where we are on Earth, they are so close that they look like one star to the naked eye. 
Pisces is located in the Northern Hemisphere between the constellations of Aquarius and Aries. Before it was commonly known as a zodiac symbol represented by fish, other cultures around the world saw different imagery in the night sky. The Babylonians recognized it as a bird, and in Chinese astronomy the stars were incorporated into several constellations that represented a fence that kept pigs from escaping.
It is most easily visible during the month of November.
Brand Colorverse
Ink Name A Psc
Country of Origin Korea
Color Green
Dry Time 20 seconds in a Pilot VP medium nib on Rhodia
Flow Dry
Shading Low
Sheen No
Shimmer No
Limited Edition No
Water Resistance Medium
Iron Gall No
Pigment No