Midori 1 Day 1 Page Diary - Star
Midori 1 Day 1 Page Diary - Star


Midori 1 Day 1 Page Diary - Star

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Midori 1 Day 1 Page Diary - Star


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Keeping a diary is more appealing than ever with the Midori MD Paper Notebook Diary.

This diary includes a monthly schedule in a block layout and 368 free pages. The free pages feature a layout for managing your schedule on the left with hours marked from 8:00 AM to midnight, and a space on the right for recording your diary or sketches. Silky smooth Midori MD paper provides a nice writing experience that does not easily bleed through. The thread binding makes allows the book to open flat for ease of use.

The cover  is printed with star mofits in gold and silver foil  with the words " My Stories and Memories" each page is decorated with stars as well. 

1 page per day- 368 pages With
index sticker
cover Made of PVC
page number 184 pages
size H230 x 186 x 115mm
weight About 588g
specification Overlock binding with 1 bookmark strings 
material Body / MD paper

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