Opus 88 Opera Blue Arrow
Opus 88 Opera Blue Arrow
Opus 88 Opera Blue Arrow

Opus 88

Opus 88 Opera Blue Arrow

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Opus 88 Opera Blue Arrow


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This large fountain pen features a semi-transparent royal blue acrylic barrel and a cap that features intricate diamond cut accents under a smooth acrylic finish. The pen is an eyedropper filler with a shut-off valve mechanism designed to prevent ink from leaking or drying up.

To fill, unscrew the section, fill with the included eyedropper, and replace section. To write, simply unscrew the end blind cap, which releases the middle piston rod's shut-off mechanism. (video below)

  • Stainless steel Bock nib
  • Eyedropper included
  • Length capped length 5.68"  14.4cm
    Length  uncapped 5.15"  13cm
    Length cap posted 6.7"  17cm
  • Diameter top of cap .53"  13.5cm
  • Diameter bottom of cap .67"  17cm
  • Diameter middle of barrel .6"  15cm
  • Diameter end of barrel .45"  12cm