Pineider Avatar UR Matte Black Fountain- MilItary Green
Pineider Avatar UR Matte Black Fountain- MilItary Green
Pineider Avatar UR Matte Black Fountain- MilItary Green


Pineider Avatar UR Matte Black Fountain- MilItary Green

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Pineider Avatar UR Matte Black Fountain- MilItary Green


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The Pineider Avatar UR Fountain pen. The body material is an extremely pure resin developed for Pineider in Florence, to which we have given the name Ultra Resin . Ultra Resin is extremely firm and its outstanding specifications mean that it is superior even to celluloid, the writing industry's traditional material. Not only is it virtually as hard as metal, however it is also so unbelievably shock-resistant that one might almost call it unbreakable. It is resistant to oil, ink, electricity, high and low temperatures, ultraviolet rays, and the elements. Pineider's engineers have also worked hard on the aesthetic aspect, producing a luxury product with a gleaming, polished surface and a deep mother-of-pearl effect for solid marbled colors, with deep and equally transparent single colors. UltraResin means there's no need to worry about dropping the pen and breaking it, which can often be the start of a nightmare that frequently ends in having to ship the pen back to the manufacture and to wait endlessly for it to return. And last but not least, we should not forget its resistance to heat, celluloid's weak spot, which makes UltraResin a material for all seasons and for any kind of climate, be it tropical or near-Arctic.

GlueLess Technology: The Pineider Avatar has been developed with a new assembly technology, called GlueLess. Thanks to 3D engineering and high precision manufacturing, each individual pen is assembled without using a single drop of glue. Every component precisely fits each other by simple framed parts.

Cap Lock: A thin film inserted to protect the magnet from corrosion and allows a soft touch closure.

Writing Devices: The Fountain pen is powered with the large #6 semi flex Futuristic Nib.

Clip: A sophisticated solid steel clip compensated from inner spring and mechanism built in the cap top of the pen.

Band: Finely engraved and inspired from the skyline of Florence.

A converter is included with the Pineider UR Avatar.