Van Dieman's Night Series- Aurora Australis
Van Dieman's Night Series- Aurora Australis
Van Dieman's Night Series- Aurora Australis

Van Dieman's

Van Dieman's Night Series- Aurora Australis

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Size:4ml Sample
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Van Dieman's Night Series- Aurora Australis

4ml Sample


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Van Dieman’s Aurora Australis from the Night series is a medium boysenberry purple ink with low shading and high green sheen. It dries in 40 seconds in a medium nib on Rhodia and has an average flow. Van Dieman’s ink is made in Australia.

Aurora Australis is a spectacularly vibrant fountain pen ink that replicates the dancing green and purple ominous glows that swirl in the sky when the southern hemisphere is lit up by the highly charged particles fired at us from the sun during a Coronal Mass Ejection. The combination of pink-purple, dark magenta-black, and bright green are a result of the high saturation of two dyes that combine to create these effects in the ink. The true color of the ink is the light pinky tone, but this is accompanied by the darker tone in heavy writing, and the bright green sheen on good quality fountain pen friendly paper.

Aurora Australis performs very well in all nib sizes, but has a great amount of variation in hue and tone depending on the pen and paper combination. Finer, drier pens will produce the lighter, pinky tone more effectively, especially on paper types that allow ink to dry faster, while wetter writing pens and those with broader nibs will bring out more of the darker tones, as well as more of the bright green sheen, especially when combined with higher quality, less absorbent paper such as Tomoe River or Midori. Van Dieman's found a combination of a Medium nib pen on Bloc Rhodia or a fine nib pen on Tomoe River produced writing that brought out both tones, and some noticeable sheening.

Van Dieman's Night Series are sixteen fountain pen inks inspired by the dark and sombre hues that come out when the sun has gone away.

    • This is a 50ml bottle of Dye Based Ink
    • This ink is suitable for dip pens, brushwork and all fountain pens
    • Surface Tension: 47.3 mN/m
    • pH: 
    • Saturation: Very High
    • Sheen: Very High
    • Shading: Very Low
    • Shimmer: None
    • Flow: Wet
    Brand Van Dieman's
    Ink Name Aurora Australis
    Country of Origin Australia
    Color Purple
    Dry Time 40 seconds in a Pilot VP medium nib on Rhodia
    Flow Average
    Shading Low
    Sheen High green sheen
    Shimmer No
    Limited Edition No
    Water Resistance Medium
    Iron Gall No