Wearingeul The Night Colored in Grape Ink
Wearingeul The Night Colored in Grape Ink


Wearingeul The Night Colored in Grape Ink

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Size:30ml Bottle
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Wearingeul The Night Colored in Grape Ink

30ml Bottle


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Jeong Ji-yong's poem <The Dream of Wind and Waves> is filled with the yearning for someone. The color of this ink is inspired by such a strong emotion. 'The Night Colored in Grape' fountain pen ink reflects the sky that is becoming tinged with the color of purple. The ink is a soft pastel violet. You can express different shades of color depending on the amount of ink you use; the finer the line, the lighter the color.

Jung Ji-Yong Literature Ink

Ink that expresses the colors and the poetic emotions of the poem by Jung Jiyong. Jeong Ji-yong, often romanized in literature as Cheong Chi-yong (June 20, 1902 – c. 1950), was a Korean poet and translator of English poetry. Cheong Chi-yong is considered among the most important poets to emerge from the modernist movement in Korea, in fact he has been described as "the first modern Korean poet.

There are three inks in this series: 'A Watery Star' 'The Night Colored in Grape' and 'Floating Cloud'