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Akkerman 05 Shocking Blue

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  • $ 2800

Shocking blue ink made by P.W. Akkerman pen store in The Hague. This ink is a deep sapphire blue color, with a red sheen.

Shocking Blue is the single most popular color of blue in the entire Akkerman line of inks. It boasts a rich sapphire hue and has wonderful shading properties with a rich red sheen. Number five is absolutely a professionally appropriate color and just a beautiful color of blue all around.

Originally made to celebrate their 100th anniversary, this ink comes in a vintage-style 60mL glass bottle with a narrow neck and a marble stopper that creates a well at the top to aid in filling pens, allowing you to get every last drop of ink from the bottle.

Named for Shocking Blue, a Dutch rock band, formed in The Hague in 1967. Their biggest hit, "Venus", went to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in February 1970, and the band had sold 13.5 million discs by 1973, but the group disbanded in 1974. (Source: Wikipedia)

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