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Baron Fig Vanguard Flagship Fig Wine

Baron Fig Vanguard Flagship Fig Wine

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Baron Fig

  • $ 1200

Confidant Features:

Designed for greatness.

  • 5.4" X 7.7"
  • 72 PAGES X 3

3 Per Pack

Every pack comes with three notebooks. Stick them all over so you're always ready (and don't forget your friends).

Softcover Format

Twist it, bend it, beat it up. The Vanguard can handle whatever you throw at it. Designed to be used and abused.

Quality Lasting Paper

Acid-free fine grain paper allows you to use all sorts of mediums and archive your books safe from degradation.

Smart Dimensions

With intelligent adjustments to size you can use one page with more breathable space than leading notebooks.

Simple & Beautiful

Nothing on the outside, only the necessities on the inside. Simple essentials as the ultimate sophistication.

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