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Bexley Bulls for Jim Gaston


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"The Bull and The Bear"

By Bexley Pen Company Exclusively for Jim Gaston

From the day the New York Stock Exchange opened its doors for trading, there were Bulls and Bears. A Bull is the eternal optimist. He always thinks that the market is going up and charges ahead at full speed, horns down, locked onto the single notion that the market will rise. The Bear, on the other hand, is the eternal pessimist. He feels no matter how good the market is, it is always overpriced and is bound to retreat. Therefore, unlike the Bull, the Bear retreats, waiting for the market to go down and create a buying opportunity.

Jim Gaston and Bexley Pen Company produced this limited edition to honor both the Bulls and Bears of Wall Street. Just as the Bulls and the Bears will always be at loggerheads, your purchase will last a lifetime. In a down market, write your orders with a Bear pen; in an up market, write with the Bull pen.

Both pens are made by hand in the Bexley tradition of producing fine quality writing instruments that will give you a lifetime of writing pleasure.

The lighter woodgrain ebonite Bull is slightly smaller, measuring 5" capped, 4.75" open, and 7" posted. It has a 0.55" diameter at the body, and 0.375" at the grip. It features a #5 18k nib, gold trim, and is a cartridge/converter fill, with standard international converter included.

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