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Colonel Conk Glycerine Almond Soap 3.75oz

Colonel Conk Glycerine Almond Soap 3.75oz

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Colonel Conk

  • $ 600

How could we improve on our original Almond Glycerin Shave Soap? Frankly, that question stumped us! So, we settled on packing MORE of it in a handy Super Bar puck.

There's a reason almonds have exploded in popularity. Not only is the almond good food, the scent you may know from “amaretto” is darn near the perfect balance between semi-sweet and savory. The terms subtle and sophisticated come to mind. Combined with tried and true glycerin to promote a sure glide for your razor, our Almond Shave Soap delivers an enviably rich and thick lather.

Remember: glycerin is synonymous with glide. Indeed, we like to say, it's a smooth glide that moisturizes. For you technically minded guys, glycerin is a humactent. Humactents attract water to the skin. It's also hygroscopic. That means it absorbs water from the air.

So, to put it simply: you're moisturizing while you're shaving with Col Conk's Bay Rum Shave Soap.

  • Start with our Pre-Shave Oils to lay down a layer to set up your whiskers.
  • 3.75 oz. round soap puck in a plastic clamshell.
  • Outer diameter: 2 7/8"
  • Made in the USA

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