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Colonel Conk Natural Santa Fe Cedar Beard Wash

Colonel Conk Natural Santa Fe Cedar Beard Wash

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Colonel Conk

  • $ 1300

The perfect cleaning and conditioning product for the bearded gentleman!

A beard is a wonderful phenomenon of nature: treat it as such!

Col Conk's Natural Beard Wash combines special shampoo, conditioner, aloe and Argan oil designed especially for facial hair.

Made by cosmetic artisans in small batches in the US, our Natural Beard Wash moisturizes as it cleanses, not only preserving natural oils but neutralizing any stray or lingering odors facial hair may have picked up.

The Santa Fe Cedar scent is created by an exclusive blend of essential oils. This is a robust cedar and rosemary scent with a true "woodsy" masculine feel to it.

  • 6 oz bottle.
  • Made in the USA

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