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Colorverse Master 4ml Sample Pack

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  • $ 8550

57 Pack of Colorverse 4ml samples from their Season 1 Spaceward line, Season 2 Astrophysics line, Season 3 Multiverse line, Season 4 Trailblazer in Space, 2018 Limited Edition Voyager 1 Set, and Colorverse X Opus 88 line

Included colors are:

Season 1: Sunspot, Proxima B, Saturn V, Einstein Ring, Lights on Ceres, Space Laika, Hubble Zoom, Mars Curiosity, Sea Europa, Sea of Tranquility, Morning Star, and Crystal Planet

Season 2: Quasar, Supernova, Gravity Wave, Andromeda, Vortex Motion, Dark Energy, Redshift, and Black Hole

Season 3: Schrodinger, Cat, Photon, Gluon, String, Brane, Extra Dimension, Warped Passages, Matter, Anti-Matter, Electron, and Selectron

Season 4: Albert, V2 Rocket, Able, Miss Baker, Strelka, JFK's Dog Pushinka, Ham #65, Ham #65 Glistening, Félicette, Félicette Glistening, Arabella, Anita

Tokyo 2018: Hayabusa, Hayabusa Glistening

LE Voyager 1 Set: Jupiter Flyby, Pale Blue Dot, Golden Record, and Interstellar Space

Colorverse X Opus 88: Depth, Tango, Adobe, Laurel, Horizon, Soul, Supernatural, and Girls Just Wanna

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