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Conklin 120th Anniversary Fountain Blue LE

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  • $ 17500
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Introducing the Conklin 120th Anniversary Limited Edition fountain pen. Established in 1898 in Ohio by Roy Conklin; his pens became one of the nation's most beloved brands because of their innovative designs.

The Crescent Filler was hailed by author Mark Twain for its ability to maintain its own ink supply with a design that also prevented it from rolling off the table.

Each pen is made with an iron body and cap and accented with either blue, red or orange acrylic ends. There is a world wide limit of 120 pens in each of the three colors.

The Crescent filler bar operates the filling system and is fitted with the OmniFlex™ nib which will flex to meet your movements, resulting in lines that resemble calligraphy. 

Each pen is engraved with its individual serial number.

Comes with a 30ml bottle of Conklin 120th Anniversary Blue ink

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