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Delta Fusion 82 Demo Brown Fountain


  • $ 21500
  • Save $ 180

The new Fusion 82 may look like the traditionally handcrafted writing instruments from Delta - but it is so much more! The fountain pen holds the patent-pending Fusion nib - a revolution in design by Delta. The nib was developed to improve the efficiency of the fountain pen by enhancing the physical-chemical properties of ink within its assembly system. The foundation of the Fusion nib is a steel alloy covered and decorated with a layer of precious 18K gold: the ink is made more viscous on the tip of the nib because the thermal conductivity of the precious metal plate will heat the underlying steel - the higher temperature makes the ink flow more smoothly. The combination of gold and steel on the flexible nib gives it a unique and appealing look. It is strong and durable for long writing sessions - much more so than solid gold nibs. Hence, the fountain pen is more precious and at the same time less expensive! Fusion 82 is one of the collections chosen to launch Delta’s new and innovative nib. The writing instruments are turned by hand from solid bars of special resin and polished to a mirror finish.

  • 18k/steel Fusion nib is offered in Stub.
  • The clear acrylic body is equipped with a rubber gasket between body and section, which allows for eyedropper filling, as well as Standard International cartridge or converter.
  • Ink-roller section is included in this gift set.

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