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Edwin Jagger Natural Hydrating Pre Shave Lotion

Edwin Jagger Natural Hydrating Pre Shave Lotion

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Edwin Jagger

  • $ 1259

Edwin Jagger natural hydrating, Paraben free pre-shave lotion softens and prepares the beard for a refreshing, effective shave by enhancing the ability of the beard hair to absorb water. Comprising a unique blend of 99.9% natural ingredients, enhanced by plant extracts, the pre-shave promotes smooth razor glide, reduces razor burn and protects sensitive skin. 75ml tube

Directions for use:

Moisten face with warm water.

Using your fingers and circular movements gently apply the Edwin Jagger pre-shave to the beard area creating a protective layer.

Apply shaving soap or cream over the pre-shave and work into a rich lather.

Using a shaving brush will improve the lather and with the combination of pre-shave and shaving cream/soap you will achieve an enhanced, smoother and more comfortable shave.


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