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Franklin Christoph Leather EDC Case

Franklin Christoph Leather EDC Case

Franklin Christoph

  • $ 7950

Very versatile case for your modern carrying needs. Great for travel or for every day carry for your cash, cards, passport or id, boarding passes, pens, coins, phone, and more. 
  • Overall size is 9.5" long x 4.75" wide - so fits well in briefcases, purses, blazer inside pockets, and even a back pocket. 
  • The lower front pocket goes 4.875" deep and is a perfect spot for your phone to be protected yet accessible. 
  • The upper front pocket goes 6.5" deep and can hide your phone, passport, or take folded 8.5" papers. 
  • Six card slots on the fabric interior.
  • Divider flap down the middle of the inside keeps your bills and paper organized and separated. 
  • Zippered exterior pocket for secure but quickly accessible items.
  • Zippered interior pocket for hideaway valuables spot. 
  • Lots of details make this a highly handcrafted piece with lots of caring labor put into each one. 
  • Available in soft and supple black napa leather. 

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