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J Herbin Glass Dip Pen - Amber 5 1/2"

J Herbin Glass Dip Pen - Amber 5 1/2"

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J Herbin

  • $ 2100

J. Herbin traditional writing hand blown glass pens in the tradition of 16th century Venice. This straight handle with frosted glass and flame design pen paired with your favorite J. Herbin ink provides a unique writing experience.

Since 1670, J. Herbin ink has crossed the oceans and glass pens were very trendy in 17th Century Venice. Today, J. Herbin puts them on your desk as ornaments and writing instruments. Thanks to the small grooves on the nib, several lines can be written without dipping. Every Glass pen is hand-crafted and therefore unique. When the nib is slightly blunt do not hesitate to use fine sand paper (grade 400). Rub gently on the nib with the paper and the pleasure of writing will be renewed.

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