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Kamiterior ku-ru-ru Banana Paper Series 3D Memo Pad


  • $ 800

Write a note and then bring it to life on these 3-dimensional memo pads. Illustrated step-by-step instructions on the package tell you how to fold the paper.

This product uses banana paper that helps fight poverty and environmental problems through a collaboration between Africa and Japan. The designs depict wild animals living freely in the South Ruangwa National Park in Zambia. From the organic banana fields of Zambia, we make paper by using banana fibers which are usually discarded. This work also helps children go to school in the local village, purchases malaria prevention mosquito nets, and prevents deforestation and poaching of wild animals. 

Choose between a hippopotamus, a meerkat, or an eagle.

  • Package contains 10 pieces
  • Made in Japan

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