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Krishna master sample pack

Krishna master sample pack

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  • $ 11000

This is a set of 45 4ml ink samples:

After Dark, Anokhi, Autumn Orange, Azaelia, Bronze Leaf, Brown Pink, Bauhimia, Candle Day, Causal, Christmas Eve, Cinnamon, Cool Breeze, Dark Chocolate, Elegant Teal, Empty, Ghat Green, Goldfish, Goldfish 2, Kanikonna, Lavender Black, Mandara, Mellow Blue, Mint, Monsoon Sky, Moonview, Myrtle, Njaval, Orange Halloween, Orange Honey IG, Orchios, Palasa, Palm Leaf, Pencil, Pooram, Sea and Storm, Sea at Night, Shamrock, Silent Night Sky, Sindhoor, Sumukhi, Thulsi, Vaikhari,  Winter V-3, Writer's Night, Yellow Valley

Due to high demand of some colors, this sample pack may vary and samples may have to be substituted for other colors from the Krishna line.


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