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Noodler's Polar Purple

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  • $ 1250

Purple permanent ink from Noodler's, made in USA. Made to withstand sub-freezing temperatures.

On label reverse:

Massachusetts is home to the cradle of liberty,
where the first shot was fired for freedom from the
British Empire, and the home of the oldest
constitution still in use in the world.

Unfortunately, if you google:
"Speakers of the House of Representatives in Massachusetts, felons"
you will see the curse of modern times.

These people voted themselves a pay-raise over
the veto of the governor, voted to prevent the
sales tax holiday because "it could not be afforded"
and have overridden numerous referendums
passed by a majority of the voters.
Massachusetts state senators and representatives
are re-elected at a higher rate than members of
the old Soviet Politburo.

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