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Onoto Leather Pen Case- Black

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  • $ 5000

Made exclusively for Onoto, these beautifully crafted leather pen cases protect your pens in transit and keep them in perfect condition.

They are available in red or black and in three sizes; standard, large or extra large.

Ideal for your Onoto collection, the standard size fits Nelson, Emma Hamilton, Royal Ballet Contemporary and Aspirations, Excel, Magna, Magna 261, Magna Classic range, the Overlay Number 1, the Heritage plunger-filler, the Churchill pinstripe, the Charles Dickens range, the Aviator, the Burlington and the University of Cambridge Alumni black acrylic pens.

The large size fits the extra long Magna, the University of Cambridge Alumni pens in silver and vermeil, the Churchill Chartwell and the Magna Plunger-filler range.

  • Standard case measures 6" in length
  • Large case measures 6.625" in length
  • Extra Large case measures 7" in length

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