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Ooly The Pencil Works Graphite Pencils

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  • $ 1350

When it's time to create serious drawings you need to have a drawing pencil set with all the different types of pencil leads that great pencil artists use. The Pencil Works is a set of 12 graphite number 2 pencils of varying hard and soft leads. Create depth in your pencil art and drawings with a set of drawing pencils with really soft leads and really hard leads and everything in between. The Pencil Works has pencil lead as soft as 4H and as hard as 6B so you can draw fantastic pencil art with precision and depth. With as set of graphite pencils of assorted hardnesses you can try pencil sketching techniques with fantastic results like hatching, cross hatching, shading and smudging. Suitable for ages 6 and up.

  • Artist Drawing Pencils Set
  • 12 Graphite Leads with Assorted Hardness - Create the pencils drawings you want with soft leads, hard leads and everything in between
  • Pencil Lead Hardness ranges from 4H to 6B
  • Suitable for Ages 6 and Up

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