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Organics Studio Masters of Science Accident Pigmented Aqua Blue

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Organics Studio

  • $ 1600

Proper caution should be taken when using Pigmented inks. This ink is water soluble and fountain pen safe. However; it should not be left in a pen for a prolonged period of time, as drying out could result in clogging.

Accidents have long been some of the greatest contributions to science. The truth of the matter is, that while many intelligent people go on to purposefully discover things, some other things just happen upon us.

Accidents receive the credit for the discovery of Penicillin, one of the most important chemicals of all time. Also on the list include artificial pigments and dyes, pacemakers, rubber, plastic, Teflon, and Saccharin.

THE MASTERS of SCIENCE SERIES – these inks all were forays into unique ink properties.  We offered the Darwin Ink Series that were all fast-drying inks, the Accident Blue pigmented ink, the Isaac Newton pigmented black ink, and the Gregor Mendel Chlorophyll-based ink.

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