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Organics Studio Elements Neon Red/Orange

Organics Studio

  • $ 1200

Neon is the second lightest of the nobel gases. First discovered in 1898 due to its bright orange glow in an electric field, hence the term "neon signs." Neon, along with other gases, are used for lit signs.

Handmade in Maryland.

THE CHEMISTRY SERIES – our take on a collection of the essential colors of any writing ink collection.  These inks makeup a set of ‘simple’ colors, tasked with coloring the basic spectrum of pure colors.  These chemistry-themed inks were our first foray into the ink world, and have stuck with us ever since.  Our first four colors ever made included Carbon Black, Mercury Red, Cobalt Blue, and Manganese Blue/Black.  We expanded to include Uranium Green, Vanadium Violet, Arsenic Gray, Copper Turquoise, Sulfur Yellow, Nitrogen Vibrant Blue, and Lithium Violet.  Our 2016 resurgence will include a selection of these previously available inks, along with some new members.

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