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Organics Studio Masters of Science Gregor Mendel Pigmented Green

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Organics Studio

  • $ 1600

Pea-green pigmented ink, made in Maryland.

  • Medium flow, very long dry time in wetter nibs or dip pens.

Proper caution should be taken when using Pigmented inks. This ink is water soluble and fountain pen safe. However; it should not be left in a pen for a prolonged period of time, as drying out could result in clogging.

Gregor (Johann) Mendel was a German speaking Silesian scientist and Augustinian friar. Having struggled financially during his younger years, he became a monk in order to obtain an education without cost to himself. He began studying plant hybridization by growing and testing almost 30,000 pea plants. From his studies, he was able to generalize about the Law of Segregation, and the Law of Independent Assortment (later known as Mendel's Laws of Inheritance). For this he is often known the father of modern genetics.

THE MASTERS of SCIENCE SERIES – these inks all were forays into unique ink properties. We offered the Darwin Ink Series that were all fast-drying inks, the Accident Blue pigmented ink, the Isaac Newton pigmented black ink, and the Gregor Mendel Chlorophyll-based ink.

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