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Organics Studio Masters of Writing John Hancock Black

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Organics Studio

  • $ 1400

John Hancock is a medium saturation pure black, with some gray shading. It was introduced at the Philadelphia Pen Show in 2014.

Handmade in Maryland.

Ernest is my trusted helper at Organics Studio. He is a blue merle Australian Shepherd that is named after my personal favorite author, Ernest Hemingway. All of the inks that feature Ernest's lovely face are vintage formulas that should be clog-free, no hassle style inks. They are pH neutral.

THE VINTAGE INK SERIES – these inks were inspired by the Parker Vacumatic – my personal favorite pen. These pens are notoriously difficult to clean and fully empty. These inks are intended to be left in the pen for extended periods of time without the worry of damaging such pens. These inks have become some of our customers' favorite inks for their unique colors and desired properties. For that reason, these inks were our first reintroduced in June 2016.

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