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Osprey Scholar Fountain Pen- Black

Osprey Scholar Fountain Pen- Black

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The Osprey Scholar is named in honor of the American School System which led the world by being the first to formally incorporate hand writing into an existing educational curriculum.

For those who prefer the feel of a more slender pen, the Osprey Scholar is perfect.

  • The Scholar uses the same modular inserts as the Osprey Milano allowing for a common standardization of nibs. For example, the same Zebra G insert that allows you to convert a Milano into a flex pen will also work on the Scholar. 
  • The Scholar in stock format with a stock insert reflects the same EDC, leak-proof, work every time philosophy of our Milano Fountain Pen. However with our modular inserts, one can just as easily upgrade and customize this pen.

Cap has a chrome clip and accent.

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