Pennonia Rági Bubblegum
Pennonia Rági Bubblegum


Pennonia Rági Bubblegum

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Size:60ml Bottle
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Pennonia Rági Bubblegum

60ml Bottle


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Pennonia Rági (Bubblegum) is a pastel coral peach with medium shading. It dries in 20 seconds in a medium nib on Rhodia and has a dry flow. Pennonia is a Hungarian company.

Almost everybody likes bubblegum and when Máté, the maker of Pennonia inks, was young he really really loved Hubba Bubba bubblegum. Admittedly this isn’t one of those ink names that are inspired by something impactful or which have a deeper meaning to them, but the color reminded him of fun times with friends and family. It reminded him of childhood, thus it was named after some as simple as bubblegum.

This ink is a part of a mini-series of shading inks, which work particularly well with brushes, brush pens and dip pens. They truly come to life when used in writing instruments from which the inks can gush onto paper. Of course they are also great for fountain pen sketches and even handwriting but the effect is more subdued thanks to the nature of these shading inks. One mantra that is good to keep in mind: the broader and wetter the nib, the better.

    About Pennonia Inks:

    All Pennonia inks are created by hand using high quality ingredients, precise measurements and a pinch of passion for writing and inks in order to bring you, vivid, beautiful colors to write with. They are designed to work flawlessly with your favorite writing instruments, offering a smooth, pleasant writing experience. Pennonia inks can also be customized with different color shimmer powders based on your preference.

    Each bottle is hand labelled using Clairefontaine Clairmail 60 g/m2 white paper and the bottles themselves are pharmaceutical grade amber glass bottles to protect the inks from UV light.The wide mouth of the bottle (4 cm) is excellent for filling any kind of fountain pens and reduces the changes of accidentally tipping them over when filling.

    All inks carefully packed into, simple yet beautiful boxes to keep them safe during transport right until they reach your shelves.

    Brand Pennonia
    Ink Name Rági (Bubblegum)
    Country of Origin Hungary
    Color Orange
    Dry Time 20 seconds in a Pilot VP medium nib on Rhodia
    Flow Dry
    Shading Medium
    Sheen No
    Shimmer No
    Limited Edition No
    Water Resistance Low
    Iron Gall No