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Platinum 3776 Nice Pur

Platinum 3776 Nice Pur


  • $ 16000
  • Save $ 40

The second in the South Of France series, The Nice Pur, is an extraordinary example of the style, craftsmanship and advanced ingenuity of Platinum Pens.

The Pur has the slip and seal cap mechanism to prevent ink loss due to evaporation. The newly redesigned nib in 14kt gold with rhodium plating allows for a smooth and consistent pen stroke for a truly memorable writing experience.

The rhodium trim illustrates the beautiful arched beaches in the South of France City of Nice known as the “Bay of Angels.”

The splendid diamond cut finish of the transparent resin body invokes the essence of the shimmering waters along the shores of this unforgettable city.

This pen comes with the option of a "soft" medium nib, which allows for line variation when more pressure is applied to the nib.

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