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Retro 1951 Popper "Dinosauria"

Retro 1951

  • $ 3500

Dinosaurs have captured our imaginations since the time we were kids.

From children’s picture books to current movies, we continue to have a fascination with these larger than life reptiles. Explore the new Dinosauria Tornado Popper, a twist-top rollerball with acid-etched surface that has been plated in antique brass and finished with ivory accent printing. Each pen is numbered on the top ring and packaged in a matching tube.

  • Dinosauria Tornado Popper - XRR-16P4
  • Limited Edition of 965 pieces
  • Brass barrel with acid-etched design and antique brass finish
  • Accented with antique brass
  • Numbered top ring
  • Twist-top rollerball (Refill: REF5P)
  • Commemorative matching tube

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