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Rohrer & Klingner SketchINK Vroni

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Rohrer & Klingner

  • $ 950

Fuchsia pigment ink from Rorher & Klingner, made in Germany.

sketchINK® is an assortment of 10 inks for fountain pen. The broad range of colours offers an outstanding versatility to its users. Not only can it be used in stylographs: sketchINK® can be used in quills or brushes as well. Moreover, it is extremely waterproof and lightfast.

Smallest pigments enable an optimal ink flow. Therefore, sketchINK® is perfect for drawing fine outlines. Shortly after, lines are dry and can be painted over. On the surface, sketchINK® can be painted with water to create brilliant highlights, making it the ideal companion for Urban Sketchers. Designers, graphic artists and architects will appreciate it as well.

We do not recommend leaving this ink in a fountain pen for any extended period of time.

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