Vinta Inks - The Neon Collection 3 Piece Set
Vinta Inks - The Neon Collection 3 Piece Set

Vinta Inks

Vinta Inks - The Neon Collection 3 Piece Set

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Vinta Inks - The Neon Collection 3 Piece Set


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The Vinta Neon Collection is a fun capsule collection that focuses on technology, the future, and contemporary art including Ƌlm. We were thinki- ng of technology, in particular, computers and space/time travel. While the Vintage Collection looks back in time, the Neon Collection looks to the future and the possibilities that await us.
Each set comes with one 15ml bottle of the following colors:
  • Pop! 1993 [Magnetic Blue] Pop! 1993 celebrates Original Pinoy Music (OPM). Some of the most groundbreaking Filipino music came out during this period including songs from the band Eraserheads. Magnetic Blue is a bright shade of blue with shading.
  • Tagpuan 2046 [Electric Pink] For the Ɗrst time ever, we are using an international reference for a Vinta ink. A Wong Kar Wai Ɗlm is a study in color and cinematography. 2046 is the epitome of color as language. Tagpuan means meeting place. Lovers, friends, and family, “when shall we three meet again?”
  • Astro 1980 [Android Teal] In 1980, asteroid 6282 was discovered by Carolyn Shoemaker from the Palomar Observatory. Asteroid 6282 is “Edwalda” after two Filipinos Edwin L. Aguirre and Imelda B. Joson who wrote a book on Halley’s comet published in 1985.
Proudly Made in the Philippines.

The Vinta Promise

Vinta Inks are obsessively designed and meticulously mixed. Our inks are meant for fountain pen or calligraphy use. We promise that we use the finest ingredients to make the best ink that we can. 

The Vinta Initiative

At Vinta, we believe that education is one of the most important paths towards poverty alleviation. That is why for every bottle of ink you purchase, Vinta will donate P25.00 to Teach for the Philippines, Inc. in their goal to provide access to quality education for all Filipino children. Help us make the world a more colorful place, one bottle at a time.