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Hello and and Happy Thursday! Today I wanted to check out some red inks.  I actually don't see many people using reds and I thought it would be interesting to use these two from Noodler's to compare since they are so close in color. 


A lot of people think of Ottoman Rose as a pink shade because of the name, but for me it's more of a deep rose red with a  purple undertone while the Mandalay Maroon seems to be a less saturated ink with a pinkish smoky undertone.  Both are very pretty colors that have very similar properties.  


Both of these inks performed beautifully in my Lamy Safari.  Very smooth and quick drying times.  The 1.5 nib creates a wetter line with a bit of a darker look.  The F nib shows the colors well and enjoyed using it very much on Tomoe River paper.


I used a wide brush to see how these inks might shade and I wasn't disappointed with either.  Both created nice shading which doesn't always happen with Noodler's.