Christmas shopping doesn't have to be hard! And here at Vanness want to help make it even easier. We've put together a list of staff favorites in hopes of making your holiday season even more magical for both gift givers and receivers!

Gifts for Him

Vanness has specialized in men's shaving supplies longer than we've been selling some types of pens (ahem, we're looking at you, ballpoints). We still offer classic safety and straight razors, as well as the shave creams, beard balms, and beard oils to go with it. We feature products from brands like Proraso, Edwin Jagger, Duke Cannon, Parker, and more. 

If shaving supplies aren't what he's into, check out our selection of funny socks. Crew style socks printed with sayings about bacon or images of poker chips, these socks allow for fun personal expression without putting it all out there. Plus, they'll keep your toes warm! 

For the guy on the go, we have a selection of flasks and Brumate Pint cups that can be personalized (at no extra cost)! Just be sure to check the engraving box on the product page, before you add it to the cart. So, you can give him something practical and personal all at once.

Gifts for Her

While we're on the topic of engraveable cups, we have a nice selection of Brumate products that any lady on your gift-giving list would love. Practical--check; Personal-- if you check the engraving box on the product page, we can easily put her name or initials on her new favorite wine cup or insulator. If you have questions about engraving, just shoot us an email at

For funny and functional, check out our selection of women's socks. There's some styles about wine, some featuring food, some with cute animals, and they all make a statement. What can we say? We like socks around here, they're good for expressing how you feel and keeping you cozy at the same time!

If you've been by the store, chances are good we had a candle burning creating a pleasant smelling and inviting space. If you haven't been to the store, take our word for it: These candles smell good. And we really do use them in the store. That's how much we like them. We've also got some room and linen spray that will freshen up any dog mom's home. Complete the gift of good smells with our adorable matches in a glass jar, sealed with a cork.

Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything

For some people, quirky socks just aren't going to cut it. So, what do you get for the person who has everything? Well, do they have a pencil shaped like an anatomical heart? How about one shaped like an owl or a rabbit? Batle Studio Graphite Objects are a gift like no other. Part desk art, part functional pencil, these little sculptures are made of hard graphite that will leave marks on paper but won't turn your hand black if you choose to use it. 

Maybe the person that's hardest to shop for is also the busiest person you know. Help them get a jump start on the new year with a 2020 Planner or Calendar. From business planners that break the day down into 30-minute increments to simple desk calendars that feature vintage artwork each month, we have a little bit of everything. Added bonus, many of our planners from Midori, Kokuyo, Rhodia, and more are fountain pen friendly.

For something with a more personal touch, we have many nice leather goods that we can engrave. There's wallets, journals, and padfolios. We even have a backpack or two that are made of quality leather.  Due to the nature of how leather is processed, each piece of leather engraves differently. If you have questions, email us at

Gifts for Secret Santa 

Gift giving games are a lot of fun! But let's be honest, it's not always easy to find something that would be good for anyone and everyone. Forgo the gift card this year (although we do have those, too) because we have a few other ideas. 

Practicality is a running theme through this year's gift guide and Flint rollers make the cut. Like the lint roller from the future, these sticky beauties come in two sizes and multiple colors. Bonus, they're also refillable!

For the old fashioned type who likes to put pen to paper, we love these funny little note pads from Knock Knock. Perfect for leaving yourself a note, or for making a suggestion around the home or office, these are sure to make someone laugh. We also decided that address books were a good idea for this portion of the gift guide. Yeah, your phone can store all the info, but what happens when you drop it in a puddle and you forgot to back all the info up in the cloud!? You don't have anything to worry about if it's written in a book....except maybe a new phone, in this hypothetical situation.

Moving on, you can't go wrong with multi-packs of washi tape. Scrapbookers, bullet journalers, people who like shiny things-- they're going to like this washi tape. We also have a Midori XS Stationery Kit with miniature crafting tools that is small and cute, and perfect for crafting on the go.

Finally, we suggest our 2019 Limited Edition Artist Series Retro 1951 Pens. The unique art etched into these copper rollerballs was created by local Arkansas artist Katie McGowan who became internationally known after her appearance on the TV show "Ink Master." There aren't many of these pens left, and once they're gone, they're gone. Don't miss out!

Gifts for Pen People

You didn't think we'd leave out our pen people, did you? We believe you can never have too much fountain pen ink. It's tough for us to choose just one favorite; it literally changes from day to day around here. With over 2000 color choices, you're sure to find a new favorite, too.

If you want to wow them with packaging, you can't go wrong with Colorverse. Each box has two different sized bottles of ink as well as corresponding stickers and other goodies. We also love the bottles and color selection from PenBBS. If you want little bottles with big colors, check out what Vinta has to offer. They have colors that shade, sheen, and even have shimmer. Our list just wouldn't be complete without Akkerman. It's the whole package: Good ink, lots of colors, and a classic bottle that makes filling a pen easy and looks great on a desk.

We recently added products from Ferris Wheel Press to the store and color us impressed. The presentation and packaging is top notch and the products inside are eye-catching as well. The ink comes in a unique round bottle that reminds us of a Christmas ornament. The Brush Fountain Pen features beautiful etching on the section of the pen. The paper is smooth, bright white, and the covers come in colors that match the pens. The whimsical products are meant to inspire the imagination, and they're sure to please any pen person on your list. 

Onoto and Conway Stewart pens are both excellent options for the pen person who already has everything. Both made in Britain, these premium pens are made in limited production amounts. Many of the pens are number editions and are true collectors items. Beautiful, functional, and classic looking these pens are top of the line.

So we've covered inks and pens, and now you need paper. Original Crown Mill provides silky smooth stationery options that every letter writing aficionado needs. They make laid paper which features the impression of the mesh from the paper-making process. They also have cotton paper and smooth, colored vellum. Finally, if you're going to write a

letter on fancy paper with a fancy pen and ink combo, licking and sticking the envelope is just too boring. You need a fancy wax seal and a colorful stick of wax to go with it! We have initials, animals, and symbols to make your letters look official. If you aren't sure how to use the wax seals, we have a nifty YouTube tutorial for you. We also have another video with ideas on taking your wax seals to the next level.

That's it! That's our 2019 gift guide. We hope this helps give you some ideas for all the different people in your life. Last year, we broke down our gift guide by price and you can check it out here. As always, if you have questions feel free to reach out to us at