Kobe Onomatopoeia Ink nyokinyoki


Kobe Onomatopoeia Ink nyokinyoki

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Size:25ml Bottle
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Kobe Onomatopoeia Ink nyokinyoki

25ml Bottle


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Custom green fountain pen ink made for the Nagasawa Pen Store in Japan.

This new INK is inspired by onomatopoeia.

The Japanese language has a large inventory of ideophones, more commonly know as onomatopoeia, or sound symbolic words. Onomatopoeia can be used to convey the sounds we hear in a day-to-day setting or applied to add a poetic effect to our life. We use onomatopoeia to express ourselves just like we use the language of color to describe our emotions.

Nyokinyoki (にょきにょき) doesn't have an English counterpart that we would consider a sound; it represents the expression of things popping up, shooting up, or sprouting suddenly one after another.