Live from Vanness with Lisa

Live with Vanness with Lisa, is a weekly live informational Video on new products, Information on paper Inks and Pens. if you can't watch it live come here and see what you have missed. new videos will be added weekly.

Enjoy and happy writting! 

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Rumble in the Jungle (Volcano, that is)

We love sheeny inks. We don't try to hide it and we definitely don't deny it. And based off of the feedback we get from customers, you guys like them, too. Krishna is a brand that has quickly become well known for their vast color line-up and especially for inks that sheen. They offer several saturated colors that pack a sheeny punch on the pape...
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Diamine - Lilac Night Ink Review

Hello and happy weekend eve! We just got some new ink colors in today from Diamine 150th Anniversary Collection and wanted to see if the Lilac Night was anything close to the ever sought after Lamy Dark Lilac from 2016. Well, as you can see the Diamine has a much more blue tone, and while it is very different from the Lamy, it is absolutely gorg...
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